3 Ingredient Thin Breakfast Crepes

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Recipe story

Every Sunday morning in the recent past has been initiated by getting the flour out, two frying pans on the stove, 2 eggs, and some milk on the counter. Thinking of the perfect way to start the end of a weekend – thin, light, delicious crepes that are incredibly easy to make, budget-friendly, and as healthy as you make them. My mom used to make these all the time before we kids went to school or on a weekend and it always makes the start of my day a little better knowing I will indulge on these sweet little treats. Give them a try, top them with fruits of your choice, sprinkle some cocoa or cinnamon on top and make them a part of your healthy routine. Let me know in the comments how they turned out!


  • Calories: 602
  • Carbs: 85 g
  • Protein: 35 g
  • Fats: 15 g


400ml of milk (almond, soy, unsweetened or vanilla flavored)
100g of 100% whole wheat flour
2 whole eggs


Step 1 – in a plastic container or a bowl, pour 400 ml of soy milk/almond milk, crack open 2 eggs, and then insert 100g of whole wheat flour Step 2 – with an electric mixer, mix on mid-speed until everything is well combined (for about 30-45 seconds) Step 3 – use non-stick cooking spray to “grease” up the pans and pour about 20-30 ml of mixture on a pre-heated pan (Medium heat), spread the substance in a wide, thin circle on the pan Step 4 – cook each crepe for approximately 1,5 minutes – 2 minutes on the first side, then flip, and cook for about 45 seconds the other side Step 5 – once all crepes are cooked, place them on a plate and get creative with your fillers and toppings – I usually sprinkle cinnamon generously on the inside of the crepe, roll it, and then put fruit on top, Greek yogurt, or some chocolate chips Step 6 – Enjoy! Tip – These crepes go great with a morning coffee or a cup of green tea